Benefits of staying single

I came across this form, and on marital status i knew i was single but ticking that box was so hard for me. I was like really,am i single? it frustrates me sometimes but I have seen the Benefits of staying single and i will break them down for you.

So basically there are healthy benefits, monetary benefits, emotional benefits and time benefits amoung others.

Health wise when you remain single there are less chances of indulging in any sexual activities which is a positive thing for you. There are a lot of sexually transmitted deases and when you're far away from sex radar,your health stays perfect.

Sometimes a relationship requires money In order to fulfill certain things. Some women wanna be taken out every weekend,you have to meet transport bills and lunch.

Others want their hair and nails done so the bill is on you. A friend of mine told me that his girlfriend was demanding that he buys her an iPhone that time iPhone 6 was just launched. Imagine how much it would cost.

A relationship is one of the most emotional thing reality wise. You come across certain problems that leads to sadness and being hurt and emotional 60-90% of your relationship.

Sometimes your partner acts up, cheats on you for no reason even when you're taking care of everything. You end up getting stressed over and over again and that is not good for your health.

Dating someone you seen once in a blue moon is really a terrifying thing. They say they are busy even for you,yet you say this is someone i want to spend the rest of my life with.

Others give silly excuses or no excuse at all. Honestly being single is a blessing in disguise. You get to do your things according to you without being monitored or controlled by anyone.

If you're single celebrate you! You are avoiding a lot being single,never regret it instead  enjoy it! Remember being single is not a curse but a wonderful thing.
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