Focusing on my dreams

Focus remains the key that unlocks your destiny. Chasing two birds at the same time,you end up catching none. The question is,how can i focus on my dreams? Well we got the answers! We all dream and there come a time we say I have a specific dream that should come to pass.

Sometimes our dreams are way bigger than reality itself,this results in trial and error. We end up making it or losing our focus. Sometimes challenges come along the way and we give up our dreams.

So sad. The thing is to remain positive even when we're surrounded by negative people and situations. Mountains were made to be moved by conquerors like you and me.

Oceans were created so that we cross them. We must have a burning desire and a hunger for success.

A passion for a better tomorrow will drive us up the ladder till we make it. Don't focus on problems, instead look on the other side of it. Percieve through the stormy times and go ahead. Never look back.

Let go of people and things that hold you back,be selective to ideas and know people to ask. Don't be like a litter bin were people just throw junk in.

Stand resolute and defend your dreams. Fight for your dreams and they will come to pass. Write down your goals and most importantly work towards them.
My name is Nyasha Ernest Matanda and blogging is my burning desire
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