How do I forgive

I believe there are people who died in bitterness because they failed to forgive. Yes the cause was worth not forgiving but it is not good not to forgive.

Biblically we learn that we were all supposed to perish because of our sins,but God forgave us even when we were not worth it. So if the Creator forgave you,who are you not to forgive?

Say who am i not to forgive, think about you see! we should forgive because we were forgiven! God is the only judge so no matter how hurt you are, forgive them and leave the rest to God. How do you forgive? it starts with love.

This is were love comes in. Love your enemies,love your prosecutors,love those who hate you,love those who insult you and forgiving them will not be as hard as it seems.

With love comes understanding,with understanding comes forgiveness. So love those who hurt you and you will find forgiving them being easy. Chose to forgive and live a healthy life.

You'll be stress free and high blood pressure free. Without forgiving you end up suffering a lot of physical and emotional deases. Let us forgive our oppressors and make our world a better place.
My name is Nyasha Ernest Matanda and blogging is my burning desire
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