How to accept rejection

Why me is the first thing you ask yourself whenever people reject you. Being rejected is a hard thing to believe to be still existing nowadays but it is there. People are being rejected by their own family, friends, neighbours, parents, church mates and even at school or work. You cannot force yourself where you don't fit.

When people reject you, accept it! Be Happy because they would have showed you their true colors. But remember than you're special, you're beautiful, you're handsome, you're unique in your own way,God made you in His image so there is no need for you to be worried because right people who love you the way you are will come along the way.

Sometimes you must do self check and see why people are rejecting you. Check your personal hygiene,are you clean,do you brush your teeth,are you smelling good because sometimes these are the basics things some people Lack and people end up not wanting to be around you. Check the way you handle yourself,the way you dress,such basic things adds value to you.

Now let's talk about your attitude,is it good,do you know how to speak to others in a good way remember your communication to the next person determines your relationship. So take time and check yourself
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