How to avoid arguments

Wether you're right and they are wrong, avoiding arguments will save you a lot.So we going to look at ways on how to avoid arguments, necessary or unnecessary.

Sometimes arguments leads into serious words exchange,which will definitely lead into fighting and violence, something this mother planet doesn't want.

If you're right and they are wrong,it is way better to admit they are right even when they are wrong.

Remain quiet if possible,walk away from them, don't get involved in conversations you're not part of, control your anger and emotions.

Above all i believe when a conversation gets to a higher temper it is good to apologise. Yes even when you know you're right.

A wise person keeps quiet even when they have a right to speak their mind. I have witnessed arguments that led to loss of life in daylight. Some people can argue about football,movies, politics and may end up fighting. So resist from arguments and maintain a safe environment.
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