How to avoid quiting

Congratulations brother you made it! That statement is always unleashed when someone finally makes it in life. This means if that person had quit surely no one would congratulate them. even when you quit,no one will come and congratulate you for quiting,sad right?

The only way to avoid quiting is by balancing your emotions. I don't think but i know a bigger percentage quit when they are emotional.

A few people Quit when they have made up their mind,i mean when you make up your mind you always come up with a solution to that problem meaning there will be no room for quiting.

Staying around positive people who inspire you and support your dreams is one powerful tool not to end up quiting. Remember sometimes only you understand your dreams.

Believing in what you're doing is a great precaution to prevent quiting. With no faith in yourself  what you do won't take you anyway.

Working towards your dreams is very vital,if you work day in and day out towards your dreams, surely you'll never come to a point of quiting.

Praying for your goals and dreams is the greatest tool,trust me this one works! Having guidance in what you're doing will take you far and i am sure that's a great way of shutting the door of quiting.

Having at least one person you account to on what you're doing will do good. Find one person who understands you and that person will give you support meaning you will never quit! Remember there is no room for quiting.
My name is Nyasha Ernest Matanda and blogging is my burning desire
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