How to make new friends

Tired of old friends? worry no more,we got you covered! I think it's a good idea to start new friendships. Discovering new people, discovering new connections. It actually comes with benefits when it is done the right way.

Old friends can reach a point of acting up, nolonger valuing you, ignoring you,they wanna be started over and over again.

Sometimes it hurts but the thing is to find new friends! When you do,old friends sometimes just get jealous,but let me explain how you can make new friends today!

 Nowadays reaching out to people have become easier. There is a powerful tool called social media. I'll just mention three most used by many.

You guessed right, Facebook comes on number 1 spot. It is very easy to connect with new people on Facebook. Get to know each other. It's safer to connect with people within your region or country. You can do the same on Twitter and Instagram. Just start with liking their posts frequently and sometime,drop them a message to their inbox.

1-2 months down the line i believe trust will be built enough to exchange phone numbers. Remember we got to build real friends,so waiting for a month or two will help. After exchanging phone numbers obviously you can call,text or Whatsapp each other.

Well the rest is obvious! You now mutual friends! Now you can meet in person, remember to meet in public places, do not visit their homes as this is risky! First meeting probably in CBD at least it is a safe and recommended place.

My name is Nyasha Ernest Matanda and blogging is my burning desire
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