How to stop being rude

If being rude was worth a million dollars, I'd be rich today! But no it doesn't pay at all, being rude costs. Who wanna be friends with a rude person,who wanna date a rude boyfriend,who wanna live with a rude husband or wife? obviously no one.

Being rude is the worst behavior a normal human being can act or live their lives. People become rude by failing to do basics things.

Bad manners will result in a person becoming rude,bad language, temper, being too emotional,how you speak to others will tell wether you're rude or not.

The only way to leave rudeness is by maintaining your emotions, remember we act through emotions. Know when to react,know how to answer questions especially from elderly people. Everything begins at home so it is better to start were you live.

Talk nicely to your family members, appreciate them. Greet your parents every morning when you work up. Ask how their night was, engage in conversations with siblings.

When you're angry take a walk rather than unleashing your anger to people.

Pray that God heals your heart. Being rude can be spiritual. Ask your pastor to pray for you.Seek help from help centres,ask help from neighbours,ask help from elderly people. Read the Bible more often and read novels. Try this out and you'll be the most lovable person around.
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