Loving my job

I believe we all have a certain way we make a living out of. Formally or informally employed. That source of income is your job. Some people are so ashamed of their job yet that is were they get a living out of.

You and i must love and appreciate our jobs. Just how confident a president is when they do their job, I expect you and i to do the same in our own circles.

Confidence will bring good results to your job. If someone ask were you work,tell them apparently it's a chance to Market yourself. That can be an opportunity to promote your business and get more customers.

I used to lie about my job whenever someone would ask me. I'd say a top class job yet i was a toilet cleaner. Imagine lying and denying yourself not good right.

I realized i was playing and fooling myself,also shutting a window of opportunity for myself. So whenever someone would ask were i work, I'd tell them I clean toilets at a local restaurant.

One day while on my to work when i had borded a bus.Lisa asked were i work and I told her my job and she couldn't believe it. I envited her to my workplace and she saw me in gear and finally believed me.

Appon arriving home Lisa texted me saying that her dad's company was recruiting,i got recruited  to become office assistant. Just imagine if i had lied, I would be still in the same place. Now i am earning a good income such that in my first five months i bought a car.

Hilarious Right! So whatever your job is, please just be proud of it cause you never know were your breakthrough lies.
My name is Nyasha Ernest Matanda and blogging is my burning desire
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