Have you ever quit? personally i have come to a point where i had to say enough and i quited. Quitting is a sign of losing hope in whatever you were doing. Be it in sports, music, school, relationship, marriage, friendship etc. Usually we quit due to different reasons.  

Quitting is becoming everything you hated before,Quitting is giving up, letting go of something you wanted or loved,this happens mostly when you face the worst resistance of all time. 

 Throwing in the towel,some even quit their job that is resigning. Imagine you invest in something for a decade then it takes you less than a minute to crush that dream you built for so long,is it fair?

obviously it isn't! I don't believe there is a reason enough to say i quit because of a,b and c. Sometimes we quit emotionally then we regret later on.  

Quitting is the same as a mother denying her own child,yes there is not much difference at all. Quitting is the same as denying yourself, Quitting is the worst choice a person can ever make.

I quit quitting yes we should quit quitting from today going forward in order to fulfill our dreams and goals.
My name is Nyasha Ernest Matanda and blogging is my burning desire
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