Should i give up being a good person

Biblically from Titus 3 verse 1-3 we learn to do what is good. I am sure there are several scriptures in the Bible that teaches us to do what is good,that what makes us a good people. Yes yes and yes you're right, sometimes you do what is good to others and in return you pay for it! Remember people are people and will always be people.

No matter how good you are to them they never appreciate you, applaud you, recognize you,love you,or even say thank you no matter how many times you help them.

We do have such people in our different circles of life. But would you really give up being a good person because no one recognized your good works? obviously no! The problem is we do good things expecting to be appreciated then when we are turned down we get disappointed.

Doing good is not about expecting something in return. Doing good is about making this world a better place. So keep on doing good no matter how hard it is.

Be a good person,be kind to others, be a loving person,be a lovable person,be a happy person and put smiles on people's faces day in and day out.

Being good comes with benefits in the long run. God blesses those with a good heart. If you are a good person you are just like God. You are a friend of God why because God is Good. So do not give up being a good person,stand and remain resolute.
My name is Nyasha Ernest Matanda and blogging is my burning desire
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