Should i give up drinking

I once listened to this song whereby the singer was saying that i prefer drinking than my wife. Honestly is that even normal? Sometimes we get to the extreme such that abnormal things seem to be normal. How can you chose beer over your wife? Crazy indeed.

I think these are the effects of drinking alcohol. So i believe alcohol is bad,yes you hate hearing this but drinking is bad and that is the truth.

Let's talk about something we all know,what happens when someone gets drunk? Most people lose their minds,some people gets so violent whenever they get drunk, others will go on a rampage of obscene language, even singing obscene songs, others don't even come back home,some end up getting arrested, others end up losing their money one way or the other. There are so many bad things that happens when a person gets drunk.

Unfortunately this is caused by drinking alcohol which means that drinking is totally bad! Did you know that most crimes are committed when a person is drunk,for instance cases like theft,rape, robbery and fighting. These cases usually end up in lose of human life which is sad indeed.

Now the question is how can i stop drinking? Sometimes you need a blog like this whereby you get to be told the truth as it is that drinking is bad.

Seek help from help centres surely they will help you, go to church and repent that way it is easier to quit drinking. Sometimes just tell yourself that it's time to stop,if you sit down with yourself and agree to stop, honestly you will definitely stop.

Whether you have become an addict or not if you follow the provided steps you will definitely stop. It is more than possible to stop drinking.

Some of you are still young and you're destroying your future by drinking, you're destroying your health by drinking, you're destroying you by drinking so stop drinking today,yes now is the time to stop drinking.

Alternatively you can stop attending anything to do with partying, mostly this is where you were recruited to start drinking,so as long as you go there don't expect to stop drinking, it's like applying the same formula and expecting different results,it will not work.
My name is Nyasha Ernest Matanda and blogging is my burning desire
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