Should i give up my friendship

I'll break it down for you. I don't believe in giving up. I have this friend of mine,we grew up together so i see him as a brother. We shared same class from primary school and we shared the same school in high school. We had and still have this powerful bond.

Yes we came through a lot of challenges together,but we never gave up on each other. Of all the worst that happened, today I'll explain the most heartbreaking moment in our life.

I was dating my girlfriend by the name Rebecca. She was soo beautiful. This time we were still in highschool.

One day Rebecca came to me and she told me we could nolonger continue cause she nolonger loved me. Imagine just like that. Worst part is we were writing final exams.

I was hurt and stressed. Darkness came when i realized Rebecca was dating my best friend. That was the weakest moment of my life. I was crushed into fine pieces,i was depleted,i was terrified,i was terminated.

I asked my brother why he did that, but he told me Rebecca was the one who proposed him. I set down with my self and i had to understand that i cannot change it.

My friend and  i had been together for 8+ years so i realized how our friendship was more important than a girl. Yes he had forgotten all that but i remembered that he is a human and he does make mistakes.

Our friendship didn't end there, instead Rebecca and i became friends and my brother and i became more than brothers.

I loved my friend more and it's now 5 years since that Happened and we still together. Unfortunately for him, someone impregnated Rebecca and Rebecca was married by another guy. 

My friend wanted to end his life but i was there for him. I reminded him what he had done to me 5 years ago.

He thanked me for being there for him and we're closer than ever! So never give up on your friend...
My name is Nyasha Ernest Matanda your 🅰️ℹ️ Officer
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