Should i give up on my daughter

An emotional question right there, regarding a mother to daughter relationship, father to daughter relationship so sad. Imagine a parent coming to a point of thinking to give up on thier own flesh and blood.

This tells how worse the issue could have got. If you're having the same problem, worry not because we have the solution to your problem.

When raising a child, parents should take responsibility. These kids need guidance from birth to death,you head me right. Even when they are mature,they still need you. This time we're living in is a very tricky generation wereby children are exposed to a lot of bad things.

So if you don't take charge of your children,the world will and the end result will be bad. Unfortunately when you lose your child to the world,it is hard to get them back.

Let's take a look at some of the things children are exposed to when you don't monitor them. Social media have been on the rise. Your kids can be exposed via that tablet you bought her/him.

Be it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter there are different communities there. Some can be exposed to drugs, hook-ups, adult content, violence, clubbing amoung other bad factors.

It all starts online then it goes to reality. Once reality strikes that's when you start to see your child changing behavior. Sometimes they can be sooo stubborn, disrespectful, annoying,rude and at times they just wannabe alone. Once a child is exposed to this environment,it is very toxic and may lead to the parent losing control and at times giving up.

Now let's say your child has been exposed already,what do you do to get them back? Before you give up,try. Yes try to engage your Child,yes some end up being so violent but you can try by so many ways.

Tell your friend to sit down with your child and talk to them giving them counseling. Tell elderly people in your community, take them to church so that they can be prayed for and they will be counseled there also,pray for your child at least try.

Sometimes you can try all of that and then non of them works, Don't give up yet! I believe there is a place called jail.

A jail can and is a better option for you to get your child back to their Sense. It is really hard to surrender your daughter or son to the police but it is necessary at times when we reach such extremes. Visit a police station near you and tell them your story.

I have heard a lot of testimonies regarding children who were handed over to the police and came back home a better people. It's better to hand them over to the police rather than losing them to the world.

Young couples, please take full control of your children whilst they are still growing. Don't always fulfill their demands so as to make them happy. Sometimes say no to them even when they want you to say yes.
My name is Nyasha Ernest Matanda and blogging is my burning desire
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