What to do when i am angry

If it had not been Mom i would have squeezed the life out of John,i was more than furious how could he do that to me...We hear different stories when anger has been unleashed. I believe anger is emotional based,it is something that comes through emotions and leaves that very moment when a person comes back to their Senses.

Everyone has anger,but it is how we control it. Anger leads to bad endings and can also lead to loss of life at times. Some people are short tempered while others can control their emotions when things get bad.

I'm one person who has come through anger management process because i was very short tempered. So if you're suffering from anger problems, I'll break it down for you and if you apply these basics, probably you will change as time goes.

Let's talk about what leads to anger being unleashed. Usually a person becomes angry when another person says something they don't like, when someone does what the other person doesn't want or at times you're just angry at yourself. Most percentage of anger is usually contributed when there is a word fight or word exchange.

Anger grows the same way a flame does till it destroys everything. Anger leads to serious violence,anger leads to fighting,anger leads to loss of life one way or the other,at times people even end their lives when they are angry. This one is common, anger leads to quiting and making emotionally based decisions. Sometimes when you get angered,you end up giving up your marriage,job, friend, relationship or giving up your life.

This is all caused by anger. Look at the damages anger carries. But remember anger comes and goes,so we should learn to control it. Anger is like a flame that burns for few minutes and goes off. So train your mind to know when to react. During arguments it is better to walk away. I believe when you walk away you save yourself from a lot of trouble.

Sometimes remain quiet till the anger is gone,take a walk or take a bath. Alternatively you can listen to some cool and soft music, surely that will work. Find counseling from your parents, friends, church leaders, school teachers,work mates or elderly people around you.

I believe anger leads to distraction so it is better to avoid such situations. Pray to God so that He may take away that anger. Anger is never and will never be part of you,this is why it comes and goes. What has been the most angriest moment in your life? share your story in the comments section.
My name is Nyasha Ernest Matanda and blogging is my burning desire
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