What to do when i am sad

Let's face it guys,we all face sadness at times. I'll just do a rundown on how you can overcome sadness. Being sad is normal,but it depends how long that sadness will last. Some people can be sad for a certain moment then get over it while others take time to heal.

I am here for you if you're one of the people who take time to overcome sadness. If you follow these basics steps,from today you'll nolonger be victimized by sadness.

Taking a walk is one of the most common ways to overcome sadness. When you take a walk,it refreshes your soul and mind.

Walk at least 1 kilometer. You can spice the journey with some music. Watch a movie, probably a comedy movie or a talk show. That will definitely refresh your mind and you'll end up laughing and when you laugh, sadness goes away.

Listen to music at the same time drawing. Whether you good at art or not, listening to music while drawing something on a piece of paper will do you good.

This one is crazy but it works. Take a sleep when you're sad. When you work up, you'll feel much better. Yes there are so many ways of overcoming sadness but these are some of them.

My name is Nyasha Ernest Matanda your 🅰️ℹ️ Officer