What to do when i lose focus

What a miss! how could he miss that even my 5 year old daughter would never miss such a clear chance. This statement is coming from a football commentary team. Now as you can see the person missed an opportunity that was so clear. From the sound of the commentary team anyone could have scored from such a position but this person failed to convert.

This is life and near misses are part of it. I believe all of us have been presented with a wonderful chance or opportunity in life,somehow we missed that opportunity. Be it in sports, school, workplace,home or even at church. Sometimes we miss an opportunity to be with someone.We miss opportunity when we lose focus.

You find out that when you start something you're always on point focusing wise but you end up falling by the wayside and it is so sad. Now what can we do when we lose focus?

Come on guys losing focus is for our benefit if we come up with the right solution. Regrouping is probably a good way so that you prepare to start again.

Sometimes take a break on whatever you're focusing on, cause pressure can make you lose focus. Do your research on where you missed it. Don't expect to make it if you're not aware of your mistakes.

Corrections are  very important in order for us to get there. Remember that we always make mistakes but the idea is about getting to know our mistakes and then correcting them.

We fail because of mistakes so let us know our weaknesses and work on them to become better people. Yes that way you will remain focused till you make it and reach your goals and dreams.
My name is Nyasha Ernest Matanda and blogging is my burning desire
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