Man if i had not quit, I'd be the one with that if i had not quit I'd be the one driving that car, sis if had not quit I'd be graduating today,mom! if i had not quit, I'd be the one becoming the best overall student in mathematics. Now you see first aspect of quitting,that is regret!

If a normal person quits,first thing that comes in their mind is regret. We can all agree on this one. Sometimes you quit when you're almost there,yes i believe 90% is true,we quit when we're almost there.

Sometimes you end up aborting something great, something unique, something powerful, something mind blowing, something that would change this world, something life transforming.

Imagine if you had not quit that relationship,you could have been the greatest couple of all time!

You should not quit because that thing you quit is mostly the thing not to quit,so i say whenever you feel like quitting just ask yourself why you started it in first place.

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