Will my family betray me

Sometimes there are family members that cannot be trusted at all. You end up thinking that they may at some point betray you. Yes that can happen. But remember to remain positive in all situations.

Some family members make you feel uncomfortable because of their religion, behavior, lifestyle, attitude, ignorance,evil works, witchcraft and some bad factors amoung others.

So how do you handle such family members. Remember that love conquers all! this is so true.

Love them and do not fear them. Do good to them,pay them a visit 2-3 times a month. Buy them gifts if you can. Do what is good for them. Pray for them, call and text them frequently. Tell you love them.

Love will always make them feel guilty,such that they end up giving up their bad ways. So i say love those that cannot be loved. Also do not put your trust in them,surely they will disappoint you. Don't trust them too much, instead give them a room to make mistakes.

Remember that even if they are bad or too bad,they remain your family. Family will never be replaced so let us love our family. Will they betray me? yes there is a chance for betrayal.
My name is Nyasha Ernest Matanda your 🅰️ℹ️ Officer
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