2019 review

What a year 2019 has been, finally 2019 has come to an end! We have a lot of questions that need answers before crossing over to 2020. Today i will give my personal review about 2019,i will lable it as the year of solid foundation. Now before going further

What is 2019?
2019 (MMXIX) is the current year, and is a common year starting on Tuesday of the Gregorian calendar, the 2019th year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 19th year of the 3rd millennium, the 19th year of the 21st century, and the 10th and last year of the 2010s decade.

Sometimes most of us may not have been aware of the exact meaning of 2019 so i believe we have been enlightened. Obviously in life there are ups and downs,highs and lows and for me 2019 has been that year. At the current moment we are 8 days away from closing down 2019 and welcoming a new year that is the year 2020. 

Social Review of 2019
Be it in society,at home,on social platforms I have been trying to make sure I'm engaging with people as much as i can. I have learn a lot about socializing with people in general. For instance at home I'd make sure i get some time to go out with friends, some other time we'd work up and do morning jog,the best part was giving back to the environment when we did a clean up in our area. We also planted trees on that particular day and I've been going around checking and the trees  have been growing very well. 

Family wise
Sometimes people get so occupied such that they spend less time with their family. I've been such a person but not so for 2019. This year i made sure i was accountable to every family programme and honestly i enjoyed most of them.

I did a special birthday party for both Mom and my Sister,wow that was an amazing experience. I also went for school consultation day at my sister's school not forgetting prize giving day also. Long back i would never attend such events but i then realized that it is those small things that brings us together.

Working experience
Obviously work will always be the first priority. I've been doing so well at work, trying to put things together and coming up with new ideas. I was promoted and I can say hard work paid off! Not forgetting about 30% payrise wow that was phenomenal and I'm so excited. I am looking forward to achieve more in the upcoming year.

Local politics have been on a bad state such that it has impacted on our economic situation badly. With highest inflation of all time, doctors getting fired for demanding better working conditions,fuel shortages and price hikes,lack of bread and groceries in shops i mean the list is endless.

Political side of things have been very bad. I remember some people died during demonstration while demanding a better life, police brutality,army getting barned for wearing uniforms etc let's end here might end up getting in trouble....

Goals side
If this was in football I'd have been the worst striker in history. Back in January i had set goals with a higher hope of achieving them but as i take a look at my list, about 15% have been achieved. This means that i still have a lot of homework going into 2020. I have no excuse for failing to achieve my goals so next year i will definitely make sure that i work towards achieving them.

Happy and sad moments
I believe being happy is as normal as being sad. What we do in life will result in either one of them. People around us also plays a part. Of all the moments i had in 2019,the happiest of them all was when i bought my mom her dream car. She cried like a baby all day long,just imagine that! It's not like i was happy seeing Mom crying but the reason behind it made it the happiest moment of 2019.

Speaking of one of the saddest moment of 2019 is this other day on my way home. I forgot my backpack in a cab i had boarded. In my backpack was everything valuable you can think or imagine. It's been 7 months and nothing has been recovered.

Achievements and loses
I wonder why this year i have lost more than i achieved! I lost my best friend after over 2 decades of friendship,i lost my dog after it was involved in a hit and run by an unknown car,i lost my appetite for food when someone sold me samusa which was cooked with cat meat only to discover two months later,yet i was his biggest customer!

I lost my workmate who was shot while participating in demonstrations i mean i lost almost everything. On the achievements side i achieved a few things. Being alive is a great achievement and i thank God for that. By His grace and endless mercies I'm still standing even though I went through a lot.

Relationship feedback
This one is hard to explain. Sometime in September i lost my girlfriend after 2+ years of dating. We couldn't work things out since that was our seventh time of breaking up so we agreed to close the chapter.

Redemption came the following month when i started a new one. So far i can say I'm so happy with her. I'm looking forward to using my past experience in mending my current relationship so that we achieve our goals.

like i said 2019 was a year of solid foundation so on a scale of 10 I'll give it a 5. Hopefully same time next year i will be sharing my 2020 story!

My name is Nyasha Ernest Matanda and blogging is my burning desire
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