Thank you very much for your valued support, welcome to yet another post on this new blog bvunzai. Bvunzai is a shona name which simply means ask. It is our mandate to answer those life related questions and delivering the best possible answers to your queiries.

Today we talking about about decision making. The word decision is the same as choice. Hopefully by the end of this post it would have helped and shapped you as you make decisions in the year 2020.

What is decision making
Decision-making is the act of making a choice among available alternatives. There are innumerable decisions that are taken by human beings in day-to-day life. Therefore, decision making is a problem-solving approach by choosing a specific course of action among various alternatives. I am were i am today probably by the decisions i made several years ago. In life you decide who you wanna become and then you become it.
Type of decisions
There are bold decisions and in this case a lot of people failed and yet are still failing to make one. It takes boldness to make a tough decision, sometimes we fear making tough decisions because we fear people yet they are the ones ruining us. You can make a tough decision by stopping a certain habbit, you can make a tough decision to stop associating yourself with certain people, you can make a bold decision to stop certain relationships etc but the idea is acting that is putting decision into action.I have made some bad decisions in my life such that i ended up regretting. 

A bad decision will ruin your life, a bad decision will make you suffer and regret, a bad decision will at times bring bad luck. A bad decision is doing something bad instead of doing what is right. Let us talk about an emotional decision. Have you figured out that emotions come for a certain moment and if not controlled they will leave a path of destruction. When you are emotional it is not a good thing to make decisions. Instead cool down and settle your mind then decide. 

Some ended up fighting after a verbal exchange while others quit but emotionally. After emotions are gone comes regret which wilk badly affect your present life. There are influencial decisions wereby you get influenced to make a decison, good or bad. Some are influenced by our parents, friends and relatives. This one is the best, there are decisions that are influenced by God. 

Yes you heard me right,  through the holy spirit you can be influenced by God and can make a successful decision. We learn more from the book of James 1:5 it says   If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking. There is another potion of scripture in the book of Isiah 30:21 it says Your own ears will hear him.
    Right behind you a voice will say,
“This is the way you should go,”
    whether to the right or to the left.Now you see that God will always help us in making decisions.

Why should i make a decisions
I love the part were it says i, yes you, you should make decisions which are good for you, decisions that will help in making you a better person,  decisions that will bring change in your life, decisions that will take you to your destiny. You have the right and authourity to make decisons in your life, so why wait decide today who you want to be. You could have made some bad decisions back then but it is never too late to start afresh and make new ones. The time is now to decide.

Should people decide for me
The answer is yes and no! To say yes depends on the type of people you allow to advise you in decision making and it also has to do with your relationship with that person. This also has everything to do with you seeking help before making a decision,  so yes people depending on your relationship should make decisions on your behalf. It is a bit risky to allow people to decide for you especially when you know that their decision is bad for you, but because you want to remain on their side, you end allowing them making even harmful decisions. So the choice is yours to decide what is best for you.

How long should it take before making a decision
Taking a decision requires time, at the same time people differ,for some it can take a moment while for others it takes longer. The idea is making a decision when you are ready. Rushed decisions wont last, but when you take yout time and analyze you will definately come up with a better choice.
Let us not rush our decisions but waiting is the best.

Regretting bad past decisions
Some people are still suffering and regretting decisions they made over a decade ago. Yes nomatter the issue, you have to understand the fact that you cannot change the past. What happened should not hinder your present life, for if it does then there is no future. Focus on becoming a better person and learn from your past mistakes, that is maturity. Let go of what lies behind and prepare for the journey that is ahead of you.

What happens after making a decision
When you have made a decision, now comes the results. Which ever choice you make, the reality that comes is always in line with what you would have decided, so choose wisely. I encourage you to make profitable or decisions that will impact your life in a positve manner. We want no regrets in 2020 but we need success!

A solid foundation is built on a solid ground, if our future is to become what it should be, then let us be bold enough to make decisions that will help in making this world a better place for the generations to come. Be strong and remain resolute for what is right.