I'm missing my ex husband since breaking up back in July 2019

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Getting back to our story,I'm missing my ex husband since breaking up back in july 2019.So basically i will break down the story and probably will share my ideas on what best we can do to solve this emotional storyline.

The Story
My husband and i were married since 2003. Our marriage was a happy one and we were blessed with three kids,two boys and a girl. Honestly during our tenure we were always happy. Imagine being married for over a decade and a half that was the best moment of my life.

He was caring,loving,gentle and he always would be accountable of everything. My husband was more than a responsible man...he loved our kids so much. Every weekend he would make sure we go out together as a family. There is no

Christmas,New year or any national event neither family he would miss without us. Since 2003 he never laid his hands on me neither was he abusive.
We were so inlove such that we ended up naming ourselves the greatest couple on earth.For over sixteen years I've known only my husband, incase you didn't know,we started dating at a tender age. He was my childhood boyfriend and we grew up together since we went to the same primary and secondary school. We even shared the same class back then. When i look at it, we were meant to be!

So what happened to this beautiful marriage?
Hell broke loose this other day back in july 2019 when i witnessed what i can say the most devastating,embarrassing,dark,worst,hurting moment in my life. It was on a Monday morning when my Mom asked me to come over together with my kids to her home since she was living for a holiday.

I packed my bags and she told me she was to return within the next three weeks. I gladly accepted to look after her home. My husband had no problem with that since it was a usual thing. We both live in different cities. Mom's place was about 25km west of our town.

After living in my mom's place for nearly  three weeks,i began to miss my lovely husband. So i decided to go back home and see him in the afternoon. It was a nat inional heroes day i knew sweetheart would be home and surely he was. As i arived there,to my surprise i saw mom's shoes at the passage leading to our

bedroom,something i could not believe. In my mind i thought she was back andould have passed through delivering groceries or something.
I went straight to our bedroom and before i even opened the door,i heard mourning sounds. As i opened the door i witnessed a doom as my mom was in bed with my husband. Up to this day I don't remember what happens happened from that moment.

All i can  remember is that i woke up in a hospital bed,it is said that i suffered a heart attack. Unfortunately that's the last time i saw my mom. I was told that she left that very moment and threw herself in a local dam and died there.

After mom was buried,so was my marriage. I left to live in another location about 89km south to our former home. My then husband tried everything to get us back together but i refused. Family members tried to counsel but i refused. My then husband was fined $19 000 for the damage he had done and he was made to pay 10 heads of cattle and 15 goats.

Everything was done to keep us together but i could nolonger trust him.It has been now over 5 months and the past 2 months have been hard for me. I dream about my then husband almost everytime i got to sleep,i think about him every now and then,i feel a stronger feeling for him like i never did before.
Could he be using charm to bring me back? what ever it is i am missing my ex husband since breaking up in july 2019.

Should i remarry my ex husband?
This is the story we have today and i believe i got some ideas and contributions so as to help her. Your thoughts and contributions are welcome and you can contribute in the comments section.

Biblically from the book of Leviticus 19:11 it says,Do not steal. “Do not deceive or cheat one another. We learn again from the book of Deuteronomy 25:16 it says All who cheat with dishonest weights and measures are detestable to the Lord your God. As we can clearly see that cheating is a bad habit that is unacceptable.

Worst part of this issue is the fact that she even lost her mom. The cheating husband had a choice not to cheat but he cheated. Cheating is not a mistake but a choice,so cheaters should not be given another chance. Now in this case she still feels and loves her man even though he cheated. What normal person still feels for such an evil husband?
Personally I'm shocked to hear that she still feels for him after what happened to her.

I advice her to seek help from church leaders,these are the only people who have enough capacity to help her and give her direction.

Where your heart is there lies the way. So if you feel like going back indeed that is the right thing for you. Life is about doing something that will make you happy at the end. Also this can be a bit risky but everyone deserves a second chance so try it out! Final thoughts,do what is best for you in this case yes give him a chance instead of having sleepless nights yet only one decision you'll be happy again.

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