Five animals that will change your life

With cattle speaking on an African pespective you can do a lot with cattle. Just having cattle shows that you are a man of wealth. Some people are running dairy farms with cattle that is making a living out of cattle. Imagine supplying thousand litters of milk to the market on a daily basis, that is indeed passive income. All the labour that is needed on a farm is employement creation. So having cattle is a good thing for doing business. When paying lobola cattle is usually part of the package.

 You can be charged over five heads of cattle in the lobola package proving how worth the bride really is. In some religious practices they use cattle as part of the Ceremonies. There are so many ways that proves cattle are more than precious for instance running a butcher. Meat also called beaf comes from cattle, cereals too and juices are made from milk which comes from cattle. There are traditional drums and other musical instruments that require cattle skin to be made.

In shona language huku is the same word as chicken. I love chickens, just seeing them really amazes me. Chickens make a huge market share across the globe. Be it chicken meat, eggs, chicks or manure i have witnessed all these in the market. A lot of people are breading chickens in their backyard while others are keeping chickens that produce over 10 000 eggs in a day. We talking business here, people making a living out of chickens. 

Some big local companies sell chicks on a daily basis supplying over 25 000 chicks everyday, think about the fortune they are making. Everytime i visit granny to her rural home, she cooks a chicken for me as a way of showing her endless. At times she prepares  eggs something that i truly love about my grandma. 

I have a backyard garden and i am producing vegetables for my family. I bought manure just a month ago, these manure are from chicken dung. Within two weeks after applying manure, the vegetables had a bloom growth. A lot of people go around our area selling chicken dung making decent amount of money,  supporting their families.

Do you own a dog? what is the breed and its name, share your story in the comments section. I am one guy who admits Cynophobia. I don't like dogs  and i will never  do. I fear them and they scare me a lot. Having a dog at your home is a good thing. This comes with security benefits. I'm very sure no one would bother trying their luck stealing or breaking in your house if they know they are dogs there. 

I have a friend of mine called Panashe who is making a living from breeding dogs. He has made a name for himself as many people buy from him. He focuses of pitbull breed. Security companies comes to him buying these dogs. He told me that a four weeks old cub costs around $600 just imagine that. He is just 20 years and now owning a car and an apartment. All that came from this business.

This is one of my favourite. Just last night my dinner was saved with fish and i enjoyed it. I encountered serious problems as a result of eating fish. Whenever i would eat fish, i would develop skin deases. I hated it so much, now i am 21 years and for the past fifteen years i suffured this problem. Only around January this year a certain family member told me the solution that took away all this sickness and according to her this is a life time solution meaning that even if you eat fish like i am now, you won't develop skin deases anymore. Stay tuned for more as i will make a seperate post on how you can get rid of skin deases without taking any medication. 

By the way i tried all sorts of medication but it only got worse. So tell your friends that in my next post i wll unveil the skin deases solution. Getting back to fish, you can make great fortune by fish breeding. All you need is space, knowledge and a good water source. 

There are fisherman across the globe making a living from fish. Fish comes with health benefits which are omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins such as D and B2 also called ribofish. Fish is rich in calcium and phosphorus and a good source of minerals, which are iron, zinc, iodine, magnesium, and potassium.  Eating fish at least two times per week as part of a healthy diet will do you good. I have a small fishpond in my bedroom and i enjoy seeing fish doing their thing. This gives me a bigger picture of how they live in the real waters.

I wonder if there is atleast one person who haven't got stung by a bee yet, trust me they are coming for you! Just jokking though i have been stung more six times by bees. Bees may not be everyone's favourite but they make life sweeter everyday. They produce honey that almost everyone loves to taste. I am so sure that a lot of food products are made from honey including those sweet names you call your wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend. 

You at times call them honey right. Just make sure you stay away from bee hive otherwise bees don't wanna be disturbed when making honey for us. There is a certain farm near my areas that breeds bees as a business. I really don't know how but they are doing it. They produce tones of honey to difderent companies everyday making a living out of bees🐝

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