Moments of greatness with Coach Natsi

Proverbs 11:10
The whole city celebrates when the godly succeed; they shout for joy when the wicked die. That is our verse of the day on a chilled weekend, hoping your day is going very well.

Coach Natsi is a Father to many, a husband to one wife, a pastor to many, a coach to many and i know he carries a lot of titles on him. He is a life coach and i do believe you know the roles that are played by life coaches.He has written so many insperational books and if you want to get a copy click Here for more information. 

Like his Facebook page by clicking Here. He is someone you can walk with and i believe you will find out his contact information on the provided links.

Few weeks ago he was holding online classes on Facebook and if you click top left side bar labelled Coach Natsi you will see one of the lessons i attended. I have come up with a complilation of some of the lessons i attended online, i just thought of sharing them with you. Remember to share this post and your feedback is most welcome.

Moments of greatness highlights
Of the compilation i have, i started out with a very interesting topic we had. The topic was called The power of places. God establish places so that He places us in them. On this point our Coach spoke of Adam the first creation. He gave a reference to the book of Genesis saying that before God created Adam, He made sure He had prepared a place for him. I've listed some of the main points on this topic below
~Move from one place to another
~A certain alocation in a certain place
~Know your place
~Places are very key to your destiny
~Know systems of places
~Am i where God wants me to be.

The lessons were happening Every Monday to Saturday from 13.30 to 14.00hrs (CAT) Amoung the lessons was the power of perception. In this lesson he talked about how we should be able to percieve and to thrive in the middle of a crisis. He also said that there is life on the other side of the problems. 

The power of prayer was one of the lessons whereby he talked about how we should  hunger and thirst to pray. We should pray in and out of season. Prayer is what gives me power, are some of the key points he talked about on this topic.

As the week progressed there was great feedback to his personal inbox and also in the comments section. People from different Nations where tuned in during these live broadcast.

The power of people was and still is one if my best sessions. This topic made me realize how special and important people are in my life. below are some of the key ponts i was jotting down.

-People are a geatest asset in my life
-People are made in the image of God
-People are people
-People can change for good or for bad
-Do not trust people the same
-People come to your life for a reason, season or even a life time
-Honor every individual in your life
Know how to manage people
-Start to see people differently
-If you are going to be successful know how to manage people.

The lessons went for about three weeks long and the joy was in the journey. I had to make sure i tune in or  would watch later on during the day. Some lessons were 17 minutes long while others where 13 minutes and a few were below 10 minutes long. The wonderful part is that under such little time, lives where being changed and we where being transformed. The power of personhood came along and below are some of the notes.

~Everyone is a leader
~The stage of a personhood is about who you are becoming as an individual
~Character is who you are
~Your influence is based on your position
~People follow you because of your relationship
~People follow you because of your results
~What kind of a person are you becoming as an individual
~Change yourself before changing the world
~There are things you should start, stop and continue doing.

With this current pandemic going on, all these lessons where broadcasted from his home in South Africa. The hilarious part was his wife a mother to many, was the one behind the camera and she shot like a pro!

The power of packaging is a very important lesson. below are some of the key points.
-Packaging determines value
-Before people see what is inside of you, they see what is outside
-How you see and speak to yourself is very important
-Excerllence should be a lifestyle not an event
Last but not least was The power of potential.  

He spoke about a lot of things and this one lingered in my mind up to this day, "we all have the potential to do bad things". This point reminded me that even though i am a good person, i still have the potential to be a bad person be it a thief, robber or even a murderer. Let us see some of the key points.

~Discover God given potential insde you
~Potential is God's seed that He has placed in us
~Develop and add value to what you have discovered
~Display your potential
~Start small
~Your potential will catapul you to your destiny.

The power of profitability was a great topic where  he asked a pivortal question,  are you profitable in what you are doing? for these and more lessons kindly like his Facebook page by clicking Here

Photo credit- Munatsi Sande

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