Respect your toilet

Toilet speaks out
Mr Perfect i would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to air out my thoughts and everything that is inside of me. I promise that by the end of this discussion I'd have said it all.I am a toilet yes the least talked about great place. 

Incase you don't know what a toilet is let me explain myself. A toilet is a place used for collection or disposal of human waste. We come in different types which are one piece, upflush, pit toilet, corner toilet, squash toilet, wall mounted toilet and flash toilet. The list still goes on and on.

Did you know that the type of a toilet is determined by the owner's budget? and also place of residence amoung other contributing factors. We can be found in homes, schools, hospitals, churches, bars, hotels, and in other mobile transport like planes and even buses.

We are there to make this world a better place, imagine living in a world with no toilets? yeah you really don't wanna think about it do you. So think about all those places out there that we can be found at. 

Realistically we are more than famous its just that humans take us for granted. I have received some good and bad news from my fellow friends across the globe. The good news is that humans are trying their best to keep us clean using a lot of detergents that kills germs.

This helps in reducing the spread of dieses like cholera. A lot of bad news have been coming from my fellow brothers and sisters serving in the public department. Those toilets in bus terminus and at the markets seem to be living in worst conditions. Our wish is for them to be treated the same way a home toilet is treated.

To the city councils aroud the world, our plea is that they improve their service deliveries. The bad news is that when we get angry there aint nothing you can do about it. We will surely burst the pipes leaking all the sewage. Would that be good for your health, obviously not. Just do the right thing and keep us clean. A clean toilet is a healthy environment. Thank you once more for you time.

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