Dark side of using cell phones

Technical problems
Battery- Have you ever come across a phone that has that type of a battery that just drains up quickly. Even when a cell phone is new, the battery can start acting up leading to few hours of usage before recharging. This also affects your business if the phone is your source of communication. Here we have few hours of electricity meaning that if the battery is weak then you wont use your phone that much.

Network- Even when your service provider is good still there are certain cell phones that has got a weak signal. For example if you go to outskits you wont be able to check even your ussd balance.This one freaks me out especially when i am chatting with friends then network starts acting up.
Overheating- This is the worst case sinario and probably something that almost everyone have, is and will experience. A phone can overheat when playing games, when using too many apps at the same time, when charging it amoung other factors. 

Freezing- I really don't have valuable reasons why a phone can start freezing but this is a major major problem. A phone can freeze when it has been hacked or as a result of installing an application that has malware.
Charging system- Currently i am experiencing this problem. My phone charges when it wants to and some times it charges up to a certain percentage then it start to discharge. Some cell phones selects chargers and can only charge with a specific charger which is a very big problem.I have this other phone that only charges when it is placed on flight mode.

Self impossed
Nothing hurts more than being the top contributer  of a certain problem. These can be a result by purpose or by mistake. Dropping a cell phone,  sitting on a cell phone, theft, and forgetting the password can be one of the self impossed challenges.
The good part is that if you take your mobile phone to a technician all this can be fixed.

At the same time you can personally fix some of them before taking it to the technicians. Damages like charging system can be resolved by changing your charger and trying another. When your battery is draining fast you can replace with a new one. If you have forgot your password you can cool down and think again. If your network is slow then you must check your network settings and adjust them.
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