Love is the answer

How do i love
I believe love has everything to do with actions and less talking. The you act the better. There are several ways to show love and that is how you love. For instance lets say tomorrow is Valentine of which it is, you can buy a present for your wife, husband, girlfriend,  boyfriend or anyone you love.

This can also happen on someone's birthday, special day, anniversary, graduation or on Christmas. Imagine spoiling your wife on these special occasions surely they will feel loved. Taking them out for lunch,a walk or a dinner will also be a good way to show someone that you love them.

What if they rejected my love
Honestly being rejected by the one you love the most is hard to swallow. The reality hurts and cannot be run away from but through all of that,  there are ways to overcome it. Lets say you love this certain girl probably you have already get to know each other then you proposed and she said no. It hurts so desep.I believe time is the best healer of everything. Give her time and space and don't text more often. Create a room for her to miss you and flirt with other gilrs to make her jealous. Upgrade your standards and try again though it can be good to be loved the way you are.

How to notice that you are loved
Did you know that there are a lot of people out there that love you but at times you haven't noticed yet. If you want to know that someone has a crush on you here are ways to figure out. They always call or text more often l mean like everyday. They check on you and comment on your pictures,  hair, dressing etc. They are so eager to meet you and always ask you to go out with them. They talk about you with their friends, sometimes they can't stand you in person,  always shy. When you meet her or him try making eye contact and you will see!

Can i love two people at the same time
But why would you want to love two people at the same time? It is confusing to do so. That is not right at all yes in certain religion it is allowed to even marry more than two people but that is bad. When you love two people at the same time, you are wasting your potential that you can express to love one person. For me this doesn't seem to be right, from the beggining God created one man and one woman as a sign that you and i should follow.

Is love a choice or a feeling
Looking from another angle,  they both work. With no feelings you cannot love someone so with feelings comes love then you decide to love them that is choice. So before you love someone it is advised to make a choice first a solid one. A choice that you will not end up regretting in due time.

What to do when i love no more
Have you come to a point of giving up love, if so this will shade some bit of light. There are a lot of reasons why you ended up quitting that marriage or relationship. Judging by the look of it, surely you did the right thing. What you can do to love again is this, love someone who loves you yes just like that. 

The problem is that we at times love people who do not even care about us which leads to serious heart breaks. Don't fall too soon take your time. When you rush things you will crush! take time and get to know the kind of person you wanna fall in love with before falling for them. This one is key, accept reality and do not trust anyone whole heartedly. Trust but give room for mistakes.

What love  said to me
Remember i am the advocate for the talkless and this is what love said to me. I am love, i am genuine, i am perfect, but humans take advantage of me, they hurt those who are genuine at heart and breaks those who love truly. This world is full of gridy people who care about themselves.

There is no more love amoung humans, only jealousy and hatred. Humans have become their worst enemies and this world has been devided because there is no more love. I am love, love one another and leave in peace and harmony, say no to war and crime for our children look up to us.

My name is Nyasha Ernest Matanda and blogging is my burning desire
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