No sun no shine

Greetings to one of the most important people in my life,  the ones reading this blog! I am going to write down an interesting topic today, i certainly hope that you will like it and probably learn something new from this post. Here in Zimbabwe we have plenty of sunshine hours yearly and some investors have opted to start a solar project so as to capitalize on the availability of the sun.

In this summer croping season the sun will be out as early as 5:30am and will go down around 6:15pm. This gives us enough time to go through our day to day business. For those who are into fishing, this is a very big advantage as they can dry their fish preparing to take them to the market. They mainly get fish from dams like Kariba dam, Tokwe Mukosi dam and small lakes like Nyanga lake, vhumba lake and lake Chivero
At home people will be doing their laundry, washing clothes and drying them with the heat that comes from the sun. 

At the same time school children will be at school and we are in the athletics season. Suny times are good for atheletics and as i speak my little sister is attending schools district atheletics competition. During suny hours there are football matches that take place in our stadiums including all sporting desciplines. The sun provides the light so that the day goes well. Extreme suny conditions leads to natural disasters like drought.

This will have bigger impact to the nation and its people. Farmers will record loses after buying their inputs.
The sun helps all the vegetation to grow and with the availability of sun, the plants will grow amazingly. We have great musicians here who make videos during the day. With the availability of sun, the video productions are said to come up with higher quality. 

This is the same to those who do live shows during the day. The attendance is far much better than in raining times, even at night times. It is safe to travel during the day than it is at night. Stay safe and travel during the day whereby the sun will be still available.

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