Realistic facts why you cant let go


Letting go and quiting are two different things so i hope you will not confuse the two. Hello and welcome to ye t another post on a Wednesday. Hopping that i find you well. Today i wanna carry you through a topic that most people can relate to. Letting go. I don't know what you have to let go today but i believe there are many reasons why you and i have come to a place whereby we just cant let go that habbit, person,  job, character amoung so many things. 

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Reasons why you can't let go
Amoung the million reasons why we tend to fail in letting go allow me to share with you most of them. I'd like to start with the relationship side of things. You can't let your partner go even though deep down you feel you are nolonger loved. The feeling is so strong such that the abnormal have become so normal to you. 

Your partner cheats and you still okay with it, they don't respect you and you are still okay with it, they don't give you attention and you're still okay with it. The okay part doesn't mean you are not hurt. The pain is real but because you are so into that person you just can't let go. 

You love them whole heartedly, you care too much, you think they are better than everyone else, you think if you lose them thats the end of the world, probably you want something from them that you cant afford getting by yourself. 

Your inlaws already know the affair so it is so hard for you to let them go, you are afraid what people will say if you let them go, you are so scared to live without them and you think there is no life as long as they are not around. 

Probably they have become a stronghold in your life and they can now control you. Maybe you have become so obssessed and addicted such that you can't do without them.

Why you should let go
Well those maybe some of the reasons why you are not letting go guess it is time for me to break it down why you should leave them and let go. I don't think but i know you have tried for so long holding on yet they didn't change.

You have cried your tears for them, you have prayed to God for them probably for years but still things got worse. Your loyalty has been perfect yet they take advantage over you. You have been the real definition of a good person but they still can't see the good in you. Day in and day out you have been there for them but they can't see you. 

My brother, my sister you deserve better! Yes you really deserve better and the good news is someone out there has been crying for years waiting for a person with a heart of gold like yours. Look at the other side of the road, lies an opportunity to be with someone worth all that effort you have wasted on someone undeserving. 

Now is the time to say enough, make that bold decision and step out of their life. Leave them and start over. It don't matter how long you have known each other even if it is a life time just leave! Don't worry about the next faze for everything is gonna be alright.

What happens when you can't let go
At the end of the day it is you who will suffer. Some of you cry in silence and are having sleepless nights. At the end of the day that person you are crying for is not even worth your tears. You may end up having physical illness like headaches and stress which may ruin your life forever. Please just do the right thing and move on.

When i look at you i see a better person full of potential to do great things. You still can achieve those dreams and goals even if they are nolonger around. Be bold and make tough decisions. Yes pain may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning! Your morning awaits you so now is the time stand up and move on.

My name is Nyasha Ernest Matanda and blogging is my burning desire
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