Solar power taking over

Why you need solar energy
The solar does not only benefit us humans but it also benefits the environment. The system is eco friendly and reduces global warming. Compared to electricity solar is safe to use and easy to intergrate. We have recorded a lot of bad news since this so called electricity schedule. The electricity comes for three to six hours in a day, mainly at night times.

Business communities have recorded loses.A lot of shops catch fire when electricity comes back and i am not sure how,  but my guess is to do with high voltages. Imagine a shop with over thousands worth of goods getting destroyed by fire when electricity comes back,  this is very sad. But with solar system all that can be well avoided. 

Solar works during the day time charging the solar battries and the good part is you can do your business as usual. Depending on the quality of the solar panels and batteries,  this system works in all weather conditions. 

For instance it has been raining since yesterday but we are not affected at all. I am home and i can watch tv, the fridge is on, water guizer is working, i can charge my cell phones and laptop etc. I can say solar is better than electricity in the manner that once it is installed you pay zero bills. Even if a fault occur the system costs less compared to electricity.

Types of solar panels
Before buying a solar system it is advised to do a research first. The reason why solar may not work well for others is the lack of knowledge on which brand to buy. There are so many immitations and you end up loosing a lot of money. It is good to buy from brands with superior reputation. Brands llike Solarie, Upsolar, LG Neon, Panasonic HIT panels, Sunpower X series, solsuntech, Tesla, sunshine, sunlight,solar electric America, sunspark and seraphim.
There are other brands still making their way in the business and very soon you will get to know them.

Solar battries and inverters
The solar panel doesn't work alone, it works with syblings like the charge controller, solar battries and the inverter. The solar charge controller serves to control the voltage coming from the solar panel moving all the way to the battery. Without a solar charge controller, your battries are at risk. The inverter turns direct current into alternative current just like electricity and that is where you get power. The battery is there to provide power for the appliances. There are lithium ion batteries,  lead acid battries, gel battries, nickel cadmium battrey, mecury zinc air battery and alkaline battries. They are made from brands which are Panasonic,  Duracell, Eveready, Energizer and Royovac.

Solar cables and Manufactures
Cables play a pivortal role in this whole storyline. We need them to move the current.When connecting a solar system PV cables are used. Photovoltaic wire are mainly made of copper and aluminium. The cable can be solid or stranded. These items are manufactured mainy in Japan, United States of America, Germany and China.

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