The lost children

As the advocate this is what the kids in the street commonly known as street kids had to say. I am a street kid, lost and looked down upon. When they see me they don't treat me like a normal child, instead they see a thief, they see a criminal, they see nothing good in me.

Did i ask or sign to live a life like this? where are my parents? where are my relatives? were are the responsible authorities? my life is just lost and i don't know what family is. I have never seen or tasted how home feels like. Do i have brothers and sisters? when will i become just like everyone else? i have dreams, i have goals, i have visions but all of them are blury.

At times people run away from me as if i am a strayed animal. What can i do to become just like everybody else? who will come to my rescue? There is no food, no water, no blankets, no anything to sustain me as a normal human being. My story is more than worse, i wish i was not born at all, i wish i could just end my life today. The reality is harsh, the reality is sad but that is my life, whom shall i run to?

My name is Nyasha Ernest Matanda and blogging is my burning desire
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