The power of planning

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Monday 16 November 2020 a new day here in Harare the Capital City of Zimbabwe. November a month some believe to be sacred,resulting in barring of marriage ceremonies. With December around the corner one question remain unanswered,have things gone according to your plans? Well for those who did not plan i found this interesting quote ,"If you do not consciously decide ahead of time where you are going, you may very easily end up somewhere else". 

Allow me to give you my own understanding pertaining the word planning. Planning is the process of making or achieving something. This can be setting goals,wishes,dreams or achievements.  Remember to share this post and subscribe for more updates.

When to plan and how
The best time to plan was the day before yesterday. Where are you going without planning your life and how are you going to achieve or live a decent life without planning? Like what that quote say surely if you dont plan life will plan for you and will take you anywhere. 

No one wants that right so this is why it is very important for you to plan. If you have not planned anything yet,the time is now. Sit down with yourself and think about the next five years. Who are you going to be and what kind of a life style will you be living. Most people plan about relationships more than their life. 

The same way you plan your relationship should be the same way to plan your individual life. Start now this day this week this month and this hour. Incase you asking how and what to plan well we about to move to that stage. 

I do believe most of you go to pubs for a drink one,two or more times in a day. Before you go there you always make sure you are looking good and there are enough funds to buy drinks etc. That is what i call planning. You maybe aware or not but the fact that you think you of going to a bar or a pub then you go there is a result of planning.So why can't you do the same for you. 

For example you can set life goals like when to get a job,when to start your own business,when to buy your own home,when to buy your own car and when to get married amoung other plans. These things cannot happen easily unless you plan them.

Results of planning
When you plan your life and then your plans become a reality. This is the sweetest aroma that every human kind out there desire to smell. The joy is pleasent and the feeling is that of a bride on a wedding day. 

It is very important to plan even when things dont go according to the plan.You can always learn from your mistakes and try again. Planning is the key to a happy life,planning is a key to a peaceful life,planning is the key to endless success,planning is the key to a stress free life. The idea is to work towards your plans and making sure what you are doing supports your plan.

This is what happens when you don't plan
This is not a prophecy neither is it a doom,this is the truth and is so close to reality. An unplanned life is like a moving vehicle without a driver,what do you think will happen next? We all agree right, yes disaster is the end result. 

Doom is guarranteed when you don't plan about your life. Without planning you give a room to the world to take over you and your destiny. This world will devour your life be it physically or spiritually. Nothing good comes out of an unplanned life.

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