The power of talking

Praying for Dan Bongino one of the greatest talkers of all time as he undergoes neck surgery today. Happy new month happy wednesday everyone and welcome to yet another life changing post on nyashanation.Hoping that i find you well. Without opening a dictionary i believe talking is the ability to utter words or even signs. Wish i could ring my former English teacher and ask her the difference between talking and speaking. When you talk words come out, a conversation starts and then comes the birth of communication. Read this post to the end as i am about to break down all the essence of talking.

Breaking ground
Talking is a very important part of a person's life such that when a child is born, a sign of life is heard by crying. That is how a baby talks that he or she has life. If John and Andrew fight, i do believe all would have started by an exchange of words powered by talking! So in life it is very important to know how you are going to talk.

Importance of talking and results
We all have friends and loved ones and most of these relationships where birthed through talking. Imagine the moment you saw that dream girl and you kept quiet honestly up to this day you would have not been together. Talking comes in with very good results. 

There are so many Tv hosts in your different nations who are making money by just talking. So you can make a living out of talking just like radio hosts, those who do podcast, youtubers, teachers, pastors, presidents, film actors i mean the list goes on and on. Imagine if all those people couldn't talk they wouldn't be that famous right. Dan Bongino is famous simply because he talks but wait i am going to break down forms and ways of talking.

Ways of talking and when to talk
There are so many ways i know and some i don't that people use to talk. You can talk over the phone, letters, one on one conversation amoung others. I have seen a lot of people getting arrested because of how they talk. It is very important for a normal person to know how, what and when to talk.

 For example if you are having a conversation with someone respectable, talk to them in a respectable manner. When you do that they see a good attidude in you. Probably one day you will want a connection from them it will be very easy to get connected because of how you talk. 

The way you talk determines your results. Rough talk leads to arguments which leads to lose of friends. Your rough talk can flare anger that might result in a strong word exchange such that you may spend a life time without speaking to that certain individual. So learn to surf what comes out from your mouth. Not everything is supposed to come out of your mouth. 

Think before you talk. Know when to and when not to talk. Here in Zimbabwe during Mugabe era not everything was talked about even in the streets. Surely you'd get in serious trouble so we grew up knowing what to talk about and what not to. So many people lost their lives when they talked about certain stuff about the former President. Some talked good stuff and they made a living out of it.

The best way to build character is by talking in a friendly way. Yes at times you have the right to fight back in words but your silence can save the day. I encourage you and me to talk in a respecting manner. Some of us vulger languange has become a normal way of talking yet we are busy destroying the next generation. Just talk in a formal way spread the love. 

Think about this, if those who are campaigning in the United states were trash talking, who is going to vote for them? no one right. Check Donald Trump and Joe Biden's way of talking. How they are encouraging people to Vote for them. It is a very great way of talking right such that most Americans can't wait for voting day. 

Your talk birth your words and your words determine who you are, who you are clearly shows where you come from and where you are going. Talk nicely and be a good person.


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