This is how you should apologize

Gather around everyone for i am about to speak to you the basics of life that leads to success. Apologizing is not meant for the victimizer only but even the victim can also apologize. After arguments we lest to forget to apologize which will create a room for grudges that can be a life time. Even when you're right you should apologize because that shows maturity and saves a lot of hatred. With love i see making an apology not a harder thing at all. I am going to write down a short summary on how to apologize and hopefully you will learn something.

Mr Perfect's way of apology
Dear Cynthia i would like to express how sorry i am for the way i acted. I was emotional and i did not mean anything i said last night. I lost control and i ended up saying something which was not coming from within me. I agree and understand that i had room to react but look where we ended up. This is all on me and i am very sorry please forgive me. I was wrong and my actions are not accepted at all. 

Sometimes we allow emotions to get in the way leading to such circumstances like these. My actions are regretable, after what i did last night i have realised that i can be a better man. I am looking forward towards becoming someone responsible of my actions. I will from today control my anger and emotions. Again i am very sorry about what i did please forgive me.

At times pride leads to all these anger issues. We lose friends and relatives something that is not good. I would urge us to be humble, yes at times you have room to react but not always. Mind your language and learn to speak in a good way. When you are wronged just apologize to them and by doing so you are making this world a better place.

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