Uses of five things

Uses of a video game

Video games are a great way to relax and just forget about everything else. They will help you to have fun. When you have fun you have happiness,  when you have happiness there is peace of mind. This reduces problems like stress as you will keep yourself busy. If you're just wondering when to play games on a video game i will help you. 

You can play at any time, alone or with someone. In times of stress this is a good way of letting go of your worries. Make sure you don't over do it maybe 45 minutes to an hour per day will be enough.
You can make passive income by playing video games. I have seen a lot of people with gaming channels on Youtube generating profit by just playing games.

Cell phone
Communication have been made easier by using a cell phone. No matter how far you can be with your loved ones, a cell phone will bring you together. This will strengthen your relationships. A cell phone can be used as a medium to spread information. For example if you are in a dance group and you guys have a whatsapp group. You can communicate your plans using the cell phone, you can do a meeting using a cell phone. 

For repairers they make money by reparing cell phones. Whenever a cell phone has a problem, we all rush to get it repaired, that is paying the repairer. Here in Zimbabwe this has become a professional for many people as they are making a living out of it. You can sell cell phones as a retailer or a wholesaler.

Be it a plastic bottle or a metal iron, we all need bottles. In shops and beverages almost all the liquid is stored in a bottle. Bottles can be used to advertise what is inside, and if the outside package is eye catching the customers will be more interested resulting in an increase of sells. Bottles can be recycled in so many ways. At our home we have decorated our yard using plastic and glass bottles. You can write names with bottles giving out a little bit of art.  Some artists are making toy cars made out of bottles and sustaining their families.

Chairs play a pivortal row in our day to day business. If you go to church, bar, clinic, police station etc you will find chairs there. I believe you have them in your homes. Chairs can be used for functions so as to allow people to sit. Steel chairs or plastic chairs can be a business. Producing them or selling them. There are companies that focuses on producing chairs and making huge amounts of money on a daily basis. In wrestling i have seen chairs being used as weapons to beat the opponet.

As i am writting this post, my legs are in a bucket with warm water. Buckets can be used to store water or any other liquids. Buckets can also be used when washing, bathing and cleaning. I have a problem with my sister. She breaks buckets more frequently. Sometimes she carries heavy load resulting in her dropping it. We found a good solution for her when we bought a steel bucket. Well i just hope she won't break it either.

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