You are the light

My name is light and i am something that makes makes vision possible. Darkness stands no chance in my presence and there is no doubt that i am humans favorite friend. I am used to light up different places inside and outside the house. At night time i shine and makes all things bright,  be it in the streets or in your homes i am indeed special. 

When it is day time I'm usually switched off to give way to our mother sun to do her thing. When there is no light there is no happiness at all. Imagine staying in the dark, not cool right? So just make sure you take good care of us. When we are burnt it is advisable to throw us inside a litter bin or somewhere were children won't end up picking us up that may cause serious problems as we can be harmful. 

Top countries that manufacture us are Denmark, United States Of America, United Kingdom and China. There are lot of people who have ventured into light manufacturering, creating a lot of imployement for the people across the globe. We can be found in shops and supermarkets in your area. There are lights powered by electricity, solar and gas among others not forgetting candle light.

Yes we differ in voltages which gives you a variety choice that meets your standards. This one is real, there is no Christmas without Christmas lights now you see how far we are valued? Embress the light and make your home a welcoming place.

Be the light
Ladies and gentleman allow me to speak to you this valuable truth. Good people love the light and live in the light, evil people are slaves of darkness and they hate the light. Let us continue doing good things amoungst our selves and by doing so we are lightening this world up and making it a better place.

My name is Nyasha Ernest Matanda and blogging is my burning desire
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