Blood pressure recorder and bp diary

 Blood pressure recorder Diary is very helpful for to manage BP history.

Blood pressure recorder & bp diary is blood pressure History manager app which is very help full application for BP patient to manage history. Using this bp  history monitor app you can save record Monthly and daily basis. BP Tracker diary app and blood pressure Diary gives you good data base facility to save weight and pulse history date wise and compare the entries. You can manage and analyzed your report of blood pressure in a single blood pressure Diary app.

Normal Blood Pressure Range is as fellow:

Systolic less than 120 mmHg

Diastolic less than 80 mmHg                                                                                                          Pulse Rate 70 mmHg                          Normal weight 70 kg   

Using Blood pressure recorder & BP diary info you can see the monthly and daily record info and measure Blood pressure graph.

Using BP info graph you can see the graph of BP record  

Using BP tips you can view the BP control tips and guide to handle pressure                                                                              

Tips & information to Control blood pressure  

Avoid eating Sugar

Avoid eating frozen pizza

Avoid eating Pickles

Avoid eating t canned soups

Avoid eating canned or bottled tomato products

Avoid eating Chicken skin and packaged foods

To eat these things

To Eat Bananas

To Eat Dark chocolate

To Eat Leafy green vegetables

To Eat Garlic

To Eat Fermented foods

Blood Pressure recorder diary and  blood pressure diary is simple and good app to keep record of  all bp units systolic diastolic, pulse rate on hourly , daily weekly basic to manage all history of bp reading. It very important for bp patient to keep blood pressure in control, other vise Hypertension and hypotension may result in cause of different diseases.

Blood pressure diary 2019 is also a blood pressure tracker app to get all detail and history of bp reading of last days and current

Blood pressure recorder & Bp diary help you to manage bp history.

Blood pressure Tracker & Bp diary help you to see the graph of bp

Blood pressure recorder & Bp diary help you to see the be control tips


Blood pressure recorder & bp diary does not measure Bp. Its only mange history of patient which he entered.

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