Brodie Lee: What i have learn from AEW over WWE

The world was in shock when former 1½ smack down tag team champion and  TNT champion well known as Luke Harper,Broddie Lee but forever Jon Harber was announced dead. The 41 year old professional wrestler suffered a lung illness which is the reason behind his death. 

During his days in WWE Luke was part of the Whyatt Family and also had a dominant run together with Eric Rowan which saw them capturing the Smack Down tag team championships and they eventually lost to the new day.

In my humble truth during his days in WWE i was never a fan of Luke. I just didn't like him even though he was good in the ring. He was never a face so it is definitely one of the reasons why. I was shocked when he debuted as the exhaulted one on Dynamite. He then became the leader of the dark order. 

I fell in love with Brodie Lee more than i did with Luke Harper. This proves that AEW booked him way better than WWE did. Brodie had a short time in AEW but did great things. I miss him and everyone who follows him does too. He had a great future in AEW so sad he left soon.

The last tappings of dynamite proved how AEW values life. They dedicated the entire show to Jon. I have never cried over the death of a wrestler since the death of the altimate warrior. Years down the line i finally did and sadly a promising super star is gone. 

The matches were very emotional. The last segment made me cry worse. Tony gave the TNT championship to Brodie Lee junior. The whole segment was just sad and hard to watch. I am greatful that AEW did not just pay tribute but they secured Brodie Junior's future by signing him to a contract. I am sure Brodie Lee is happy where ever he is.


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