Build your self esteem now!

 This application give you an information about self esteem building guide.

This application give you an information about how to build self esteem. 

Self-Esteem has a big impact on how the person is behaving and performing? A positive self-esteem may cause certain people to behave confident and very competitive.

This app. is a self esteem builder and your ultimate guide to boost self esteem to achieve goals in life.

Self-esteem is what you see in yourself and how you evaluate yourself with what you see. 

Everyone evaluate themselves differently because everyone have different way of thinking. It can be either positive or the other way round. It's what you believe about yourself.

Building self esteem is so not difficult. Have fun!

Application Contents

Chapter 1: Be Optimistic for Happier Life

 - A Positive Outlook for a Positive Life

 - Know your self-worth

 - The benefits of using positive self-talk

 - How positive affirmations can change your life

Chapter 2: It’s All in Our Mind

 - Focusing the mind on the positive

 - The sky is your limit

 - How to develop your creative side

 - Creativity Tips and Resources

 - Listen to your inner thoughts

 - Mental imagery works

 - Taking care of your mental health

Chapter 3: Overcoming Negative Thinking

 - Dispelling fears for a more positive outlook

 - Overcoming dissociation

 - Overcoming Doubt

 - Overcoming Feelings of Helplessness

 - Overcoming Inner Conflicts

 - Overcoming Intimidation

 - Overcoming the need to be in control

 - Overcoming Trauma

Chapter 4: Becoming an Optimistic Individual and Achieve Goals in Life

 - Developing your self-image

 - Change the Shape of Your Self-Image

 - How keeping a journal can help you succeed

 - Develop your intuition

 - Start Early To Combat Low Self Esteem

 - Stop underestimating your worth

 - Developing your full potential

 - Boost your Self-Esteem by Running

Application Features:

- Useful self esteem builder guide.

- You can share this guide to others.

- Easy to use.

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