Challenges commonly faced by everyone and how you can overcome them

Happy new year everyone!🤝

Brothers and sisters life is a precious gift that comes from the one and only God. This life is lived once, so let us utilize each moment to the fullest for we never know the day the almighty God will end it. Hello and welcome to yet another post on a Wednesday. Days are numbered stand up and work towards your goals for this exciting year 2020.

Today we are discussing some of the challenges we face in life. There are people who have faced these challenges and have overcome. Some failed to overcome and ended up giving away their life something i am speaking against. We face challanges for one reason and that is to learn and grow. Hard times never kills so stay strong.

Relationship challenges
I have faced this one and it is a serious one.
I will start with those who are failing to find a lover. My brother, my sister time is the best solution to every challenge. Time heals and if you are patient God will unveil His planned soul mate for you. Someone who will love you the way you are. Do not force people to love you, and if they don't love you do not look down upon yourself. 

Let me remind you that you are special in the eyes of God. You are loved! If you are in a relationship and facing so many problems, sit down and look both sides. Find where the root of these problems are coming from. When you do try to fix them. Do not lose hope for love never gives up. Ask your partner if they truly loves you. If finding a solution fails then let go and move on.

Lack of direction
Destiny is for those who have a vision and direction. If you don't know your way home surely you can wander all day searching for it and you won't find it. Know were you are going and you won't get lost. Without direction in life you are like a stray animal with no keeper. To have direction requires a mentor that person who is always there for you. 

A person who walks with you and guides you. Someone who inspires you when you look at them. A person who is able to tell you the truth as it is even when you don't wanna hear it. Find someone who will pastor you all the way to your destiny.
That way i am sure you will get to know where your direction is heading.

Marital challenges
Saying that your relationship was a success even though you went through challanges. Now you are married and  are a family setup. When it comes to marriage there are so many obstacles along the way. These can come from cheating which may lead to devorce, nolonger certisfied by your partner, unable to handle other family members, financial problems , lack of respect to each other. Even though we go through these challanges we should not give up.

Loss of a loved one
This is the most painful part of life. If a person dies the sad reality is that we can do nothing to bring them back. This will impact those left behind. In times like that seek God and he will help you. God is the only one who can give you enough comefort. I believe there are other family members who can help you understand and accept the sad and unfair reality. Death torns your heart apart and it leaves a clear path of destruction. Most people have faced so many illnesses after failing to understand the aftermath of death. Death will not advise before striking but it comes at any day and time.

Zero  purpose
When you and i were born we where born with a purpose. The idea is to discover what your purpose is and work towards that. There are life coaches out there who can help you discover yourself. If you know your purpose then work towards it for one day it will pay off. The dangers of lacking purpose is that you end up doing everything. This limits your chances to choose between what is good for you and what is bad. Other people can even take advantage and will use you. Find your purpose in life and dominate in that purpose.

Financial problems
This one is true and it is more than real. Truth be told we all need money. If you take a look at our day to day activities they require a bit of finance. I would advise you to work towards earning clean money that you have worked for. Nowadays people can do anything for money just to get profit. Stay away from such people and work!

Nothing comes so easy and if it does then just know that any time it will go away. Start a business and learn from others. Seek consultation and attend business forums. Stop blaming anyone or giving excuses. Start today and no more tomorrow. Ladies and gentlemen remember that you reap what you sow.

My name is Nyasha Ernest Matanda and blogging is my burning desire
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