Chess end game training

By Jilomo

 Practice a variety of chess endgame positions until you master them all.

Practice a variety of well organized endgames. From the most elementary to the most complex, you can practice until you master all the engame types.

The application organizes the positions in basics (queen, a rook, two rooks), pawns, bishops, knights, rooks and queen. For each type it provides multiple positions to practice.

Do you resist the endings with two bishops, or pawns ...? Now you can practice those endings that are more difficult to master them all forever.

It includes 3384 positions organized into 8 categories and 129 subcategories, so you can easily find the type of endgame you want to practice.

Play against the syzygy tablebases or against the stockfish engine - when there are more than 7 pieces.

The application records your personal record in each position. It also allows you to solve each position automatically and review the movements once completed.

It includes challenges of mate and also of draw, for both white and black.

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