FBS Fx trading brocker

Use FBS as an account manager app that will help you boost your trading

FBS – Mobile Personal Area is the smart app with all essential information you need for your trading.


FBS – Mobile Personal Area gives you access to features that help you to analyze your trading progress.
Access all your complex trading personal data. Manage funds from any place around the globe. Seeing all the info carefully arranged for you to look at, you will make your daily deals both simple and profitable.

Administer multiple accounts via a single login, track trading statistics, analyze your performance, diversify investments, and use promotional offers.


With the help of FBS – Mobile Personal Area your investing will be more thorough and your trades – more effective. Install one app – make the most out of your active trading. Learn how to invest smart.


In the FBS app you can create real and demo accounts, log in the existing ones, and follow up on your progress on the market.

Use FBS app as your own unique Personal Area from the most progressive broker online. Profit with the following features:

Registration and Verification
- Register quick
- Access anywhere and anytime
- Enjoy easy mobile verification

Accounts’ activity
- Create both demo and real accounts to satisfy your trading ambitions
- Activate additional options like VPS Service
- See a list of archived accounts and restore them, if needed
- Double your investments with FBS bonuses

- See the history of your past transactions
- Analyze your transactions on different accounts via the dashboard

Profile’s activity
- Modify personal data easily
- Check the verification documents and status

With FBS – Mobile Personal Area, you will have access to the most crucial info that will help in your daily trading. Download the application to get most out of trading and progress as a trader on the financial market.

- Multilingual customer support available 24/7
- User-friendly interface that simplifies your trading routine
- Customizable dashboard with a list of active accounts
- Fast and straightforward management of your finances per trading account

Create a Personal area to your liking: modify, analyze, and see how your trading experience improves daily. It’s a win today and profit tomorrow!

One broker – limitless opportunities!

FBS is an acknowledged, licensed international online broker and the official trading partner of FC Barcelona football team. We are present in 190+ countries, have more than 370 000 partners, and more than 14 million active traders; for more than ten years, we provide secure, innovative, and client-friendly financial services.

Join the best broker. Trade stocks, metals and over 50 currency pairs online. With us as your broker trading can go on the new heights.

FBS. Always by your side


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