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Route Finder-GPS Navigation App: Find Driving Direction, Live Place by Voice GPS

Are you looking for a Best GPS route finder app? Then, Voice GPS Driving Directions - GPS Navigation is the latest GPS app for finding the route through voice recognition. It provides unique tools such as route finder, local place finder, route preview, live address information through voice GPS.

The location navigator navigates distance & area measuring features & gyroscope with various modes such as St&ard Camera, Map, Telescope, Satellite. This GPS route finder allows route planners with extra features of ISD & STD codes finder, mobile number tracker, & DND status. It is an all-in-one application thus, useful for multiple uses. Download & enjoy easy GPS voice navigation.

Features of Voice GPS Driving Directions - GPS Navigation App:
# Search street view, nearby places, route guide, & accurate route through voice.
# Find the nearest driving direction route with Shows traffic to travel along the path.
# Measure the distance between two locations by GPS
# Compass feature to find a path
# GPS Mobile location tracker system
# Find STD & ISD codes
# Apply DND status for your mobile phone while driving
# GPS Found route can be saved in the history

Key Tools provided by App:
=> Voice Navigation
=> Route Finder
=> Area Measurement
=> Compass

How to use Voice GPS Driving Directions - GPS Navigation App:

Download this GPS app from the play store which helps users in finding voice directions during navigation to any preferred location on the maps & voice navigation helps in finding nearby places, street view, & roadmap with the location in km. Voice GPS driving route directions, GPS navigation, maps is the latest voice GPS location with unique GPS route finder.

The Voice Navigation button at the bottom enables the location navigator through voice for location. From the search bar also users can find direction to location. GPS navigation route finder redirects to the Google maps after location input. voice GPS navigation free & map at the voice GPS navigation & maps tracker. the history icon keeps track of all last founded routes.

Route Finder tab in Voice GPS Driving Directions - GPS Navigation App used to find the fastest & traffic-less route to the destination from the current Driver location. The source & destination tab provides a direct route to the destination. Enter the details, & click FIND ROUTE to redirect your GPS search queries to Google Maps. You can also see the exact GPS location of the Driver’s location. The live address includes Latitude, Longitude, Address, City, State, Country, etc. You can share your live address with your family & friends as a link to Google Maps. It also consists of a GPS feature called nearby places, where you can find the nearby places by category quickly. It includes Car Repair, Doctor, Fire Station, Fuel Station, Hospital, Pharmacy, Police, etc.

Area Measurement contains two options: distance measurement & area measurement. Choose two points & the app will calculate distance.distance can be shown in various units like feet, mile, yard, meter, kilometer, etc. Similarly, you can determine the area in the area segment, by choosing at least three points on the google map. It also contains a safe area & a list of units containing acre, sq. meter, sq. inch, sq. yard, sq. feet. You can view your saved GPS offline distance or area as per your requirement in the "My Distance" or "My Area" section.

The last characteristic is the Compass. It helps you to find the appropriate direction. This contains six modes including start, camera, map, satellite, telescope, & night. Each one has its own attributes.location of mobile number tracker is also essential tools provided by this app. The function of the search number. It has four functions: Check number, STD codes, ISD codes, & Check DND.

So, download for free Voice GPS Driving Directions - GPS Navigation app 🧭➡ & share your reviews & ratings.

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