Grace sessions 13

Galatians 4:28  Now we, brethren, as Isaac was, are the children of promise.

God's promise is with you, in you and for you. Isaac was Abraham's son (Abraham is our Father of Faith, God's friend), who was born according to the promise of God. Isaac was Abraham's seed heir to all that was Abraham's by God's promise, ( An heir is one who inherits all by right of sonship). Faith in Jesus makes you Abraham's seed, like Isaac and you are a spiritual Isaac set to inherit all that was promised to Abraham which is that he should be heir to the world/universe (Romans 4:13) and eternal life.

Isaac was born when Abraham and Sarah were old and in natural terms lacking strength and ability to produce seed (Isaac), all impossibility had to give way to the promise. Even so you dear Saint, faith in Jesus makes you like Isaac, you might take time to come out, it's only because  the promise you carry in you is so great.

You might be sorrounded by many problems that seem to make it impossible for you to breakthrough, but know that problems are temporary the promise in your life is eternal, the promise is greater than the problems, the promise is seen best in and through the problems, the problem has to give way to the promise. Like Isaac was an heir by promise, he didn't need self strength to be that, so also you don't have to rely on your self effort to be heir of the promise of God, it is by Grace through faith , Amen.

Mat 9:13 But go and learn what this means: 'I desire mercy, not sacrifice.' For I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners."

Mercy is our new spiritual address. When Jesus asks us to learn what He wants us to learn, we should learn it because there is Grace and ability to understand what He wants us to learn. Now this question was directed to the Pharisees who were concerned about Jesus eating with tax collectors and sinners and not associating with 'holy' people like themselves since He was the Son of God.

Now please note that the Pharisees are a picture of the law of Moses here and Jesus is the perfect picture of Grace. Law is the old covenant that is being abolished through the death of Jesus and Grace is the new covenant that is being freely given through the death of Jesus. Law focuses on what you need to do right for our Righteousness but Grace focuses on what the Son of God has done rightly on the cross for our Righteousness.

Law focuses on our own sacrifices to please God, but Grace focuses on God's own sacrifice on the cross and that is fully pleasing to him. Law demands good works from us but Grace supplies good works to us by faith. Sacrifice is what you think you need to do to deserve good from God but mercy is the everlasting forgiveness of sins on the cross because of Jesus' sacrifice so that we don't get the bad we deserve.

Sacrifice is the works of men but mercy is the heart of God, sacrifice is pleasing men and religious leaders, mercy is peace in the love of God knowing that you please God already through Christ Jesus, sacrifice is the old, mercy is the new and eternal.....How are you relating with God dear Saint, God's heart is Grace (mercy) and not law (sacrifice).


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