Hair color changer

 Hair colour changer simulator - try on different hair colours & change hairstyle

Do you have a wish to look like a star? Thinking about changing your hair colour?  Want to know how you would look with a different hair colour? Bright purple or natural blonde? Look no further!  You will love how quickly you can see the results with Hair Colour Changer.

Just try the Hair Colour Changer app and use it to change your hair into more colours. The most important trends that you care about fashion are here.

Hair Colour Changer create stunning visual effects without applying makeup. This is an ultimate hair colour simulation application just take a picture or import from gallery and choose the best colour that suits your hair this tool will convert your hair colour in that chosen colour shade. Try this stylish hair colour changer and change hair colour completely.

Hair colour Changer Real is the ultimate Hair Colour Changer app for Android!

All you have to do is take your own photo, draw the outline of your hair, fine tune the hair mask, brush your hair and then choose different hair colours, play with them and see what suits you. Change them easily, change yourself from blonde to brunette, or to redhead and vice-versa. Change shades and tones using our editor! Create your style. Change hair colour by choosing one of the natural looking colours or try a different and stylish hair colour.

✯ Features 

✔ Try new hair colours on your own photo

✔ Draw and erase hair region

✔ You can just select and set colour on hair where you want to fill it

✔ 40+ Pre-defined hair colours (different shades of blonde, red, and brown)

✔ Hair colour intensity control

✔ Hair Smoothness control

✔ Hair colour brighten control

✔ 10+ trendy styles: blue, purple, pink, magenta, platinum and other colours are available

✔ Custom hair colours

✔ Before vs. After comparison

✔ colour Adjustment for dark and light hair

✔ make you own colour with colour Picker

✔ Standard Hair colours: Blonde, Black, Brown

✔ Bright Hair Colours : Red, Blue, Green, Orange and more

✔ This amazing hair colour changer is suitable for women and men equally

✔ Get best hair colour for free to used.

✔ You can set more than one colour on hair simultaneously

✯ Smart Tools:

Brush :- You can adjust brush size according to your requirement .

Opacity :- It allows you to adjust colour opacity , so that colour will blend properly with hair 

Zoom in /out :- Scale image and apply colour .

Erase :- Remove colour on face and other unwanted portion of image .

- Simple and easy to use.

- Share easy the  results with friends and family on social media

Try out different hair colours on your own photos. Many hair colours to choose from, and all are FREE. The best and completely FREE hair colour changer.

Download this app to find more features.

Thanks for using Hair Colour Changer, leave us your feedback and we will consider them for future updates!

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