Halza allows you to securely store, track and share your medical data.

What Is Halza?
- The Halza app lets you conveniently manage you and your family’s health from your phone.
- Store, track & share your medical data with any doctor in seconds during an emergency.
- Halza is available in 26 languages.

What Can I Do on Halza?
Family Health Management
- Family Accounts: Switch profiles to handle the whole family’s health journey with ease.
- Growth Book: Monitor the Growth of your child, from the height and weight to their head circumference.
- Vaccinations: Track your vaccines and booster shots, based on your country’s recommendations.

Women’s Health Management
- IVF: Prep for IVF and keep up with required injections, appointments, and more from the palm of your hand.
- Pregnancy: Know what to expect during your Pregnancy and facilitate a smoother delivery with the Contraction Timer.
- Period Tracker: Track your cycle, ovulation day, and fertility Period

Set Health & Medication Reminders
Track, schedule, and set reminders for any medical appointments or medication courses.

Monitor Vital Signs
Have a comprehensive overview of vital signs like body temperature, blood pressure, glucose, and more on your app home page.

Grant any doctor complete temporary access to your records for a better diagnosis of your condition.

Emoji Blast ®
Communicate easily with your family, doctors, friends so you receive the support you need for a better recovery.

And many more!

Our Priority
Your privacy is our priority. You own your data. Any data you upload is securely stored on the Microsoft Azure cloud. Halza never sells or shares any of your data.

What Can I Do with A Halza Subscription?
That depends on which subscription you get!
- A Halza Social user enjoys unlimited Vital Sign storage, Period Tracker, Weight Management, Medicine, Emoji Blast® for FREE.
- A Halza Vital user gets, in addition to the above, access to Health Reminders, Growth Book, Vaccinations, Family Accounts (for 1 adult and up to 3 children), and 5GB of data storage for only US $0.99/month.
- A Halza Essential user gets, in addition to the above, access to IVF, Pregnancy, QuickShare, unlimited Family Accounts, and 30GB of data storage for only US $35.99/year. Children below 21 years of age join for free.
- A Halza Premium user gets, in addition to all of the above, access to Concierge Service, where a dedicated Medical Data Officer will assist in digitizing your data, Priority Support, and 50GB of data storage for US $399.99/year.

Download the Halza app now to take control of you and your family’s health!

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