Life goals my goal planner and affirmations


Start dreaming with your lifetime goals and play positive affirmations

Its never too late to start dreaming with your Life Goals

Life Goals – My Goal Planner & Affirmations redefines the goal planner, goal tracking and goal process apps and lets you set, track and reach goals or Find the inner inspiration to take new challenges in your life.

Very Effective action task management system and planning for keeping your goal in control.

Vision goals setting process (dashboard) ensures your focus on your most important lifetime goals.

Life Goals – My Goal Planner & Affirmations useful App Features
- One app for all your life goals and vision goals
- Add goal details for each goal and set goal dates
- Follow actions for your goals checklist by adding it from Todo list (Journal)
- Set your Lifetime Goals and track your goals from dashboard
- Goal setting to stay motivated by using best Life Goal Tracker
- Build Positive habits to take positive effects in your life
- Set clear goals for what you want to achieve throughout your life
- Life Goal achievement system, Vision Board and Complete your life management

How affirmations are useful?
- Affirmation will change your life the way you live
- You start believe in thoughts and that thought begins to manifest into real life.
- Positive affirmation is all about your inner feelings and thoughts
- Affirmation sound makes you relax and feel rejuvenate.
- You can add your own voice recording and affirmations.

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