Receipt and invoice

Receipt - Create and send receipts and invoices of services and products.

Create and send complete receipts and invoices of services and products, include customers data, supplier, items, your signature and your customer's signature, taxes, discount, shipping, photo.

View and quickly send the generated receipt.

Have control of the catalog of your customers, suppliers, taxes, services and products registered.

Useful for any type of professional that provides services.


* Generate receipts.

* Generate invoices

* Generate estimates.

* Create or import the data from your contact list and add more information

* Discount on items.

* Exclusive or inclusive tax.

* Add shipping value.

* Signature of your company.

* Signature of your client.

* Add photo.

* Create and send receipts in Pdf.

* Generate reports in Pdf and Excel.

* Convert invoice to receipt

* Convert estimate to invoice

* Mark invoice as paid

* Customize your receipt.


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