Speedometic GPS distance metre

 Effective Digital & Analog Speedometer for measuring speed & distance

This App displays your current speed on a digital/analog speedometer, keeps track of your maximum speed and also calculates your average speed. It also allows you to easily switch between units of measurement (miles/hour or km/hour) for use in your vehicle (your cycle, your car, on a boat or on an airplane)!

- Full screen Digital Display.

- Also provide support for Analog Display.

- Keeps track of your distance (trip and total distance) and maximum speed.

- Shows Average and Maximum Speed of the trip.

- We can select speed measurement unit such as km or mile.    

- We can select altitude measurement unit.

- We can select font types such as simple or digital.

- Resetting data will reset all the travelling data previously recorded in the app.

- User can also set the maximum speed limit here.


- Speedometer

- Distance Tracker

- Calculates Average Speed

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