Virtual lighter simulator

Simulate a lighter with your phone

This application is not a real lighter. It's a Virtual Lighter Simulator

Open the lighter by using your finger or shaking your phone. 

Rub the stone. A spark will light the virtual flame.

The flame will react with the movements of your phone. 

The torch function will light the camera flash every time the lighter is on.

Tilting the phone The flame follows the movement of the phone. 

Close the lid with your finger, blow on the flame or shake the phone. 

Main Features:

-Extinguish the flame by blowing to the phone or touching the flame.

-Torch Mode.

-Realistic sounds.

-Realistic Movement of the casing and flame.

Surprise your friends, the realistic movement of the flame and the casing will shock your friends or replace a real lighter at a concert or a romantic appointment.


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